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Ben Carson vs. Bill Cosby

Ben Carson is indeed an incredibly accomplished man. Carson has amassed astounding success as a neurological surgeon and has created history with his astonishing track record of medical success. He cites receiving over 67 honorary doctorate degrees on his website,, as well as the receiving the much coveted Presidential Medal of Freedom under the term of President George W. Bush, as well as being honored by the Library of Congress as well. Carson also stands as the surgeon completing the first operation separating Siamese twins in 1987.  

Despite his undeniable contributions to the world of medicine, I believe he must focus on his strengths. And when it comes to politics, Ben should honor his Hippocratic Oath to “First, Do No Harm.”

Whenever I hear Ben’s small voice on TV and his ill-fitting sweater vest, I can’t help but be reminded of another walking gaffe. Their love for sweater weather looks eerily remind me of one another. And, it doesn’t hurt that their initials are the same either – yes, there is another famous BC – Bill Crosby.

The more I researched about these two, the more their personalities oddly fell in line with each other.

And who can’t deny the inherent creep factor in both?

Women. Carson is largely and famously toxic in his views of women’s reproductive rights. The surgeon compared women who use abortion to the act of slavery, stating that women are acting like slave owners in their decisions to choose abortions and making babies the enemy. Carson is so intense that he opposes the right to abort even in cases of incest or rape. And Cosby has been famously accused on multiple accounts for rape and sexual abuse, and about 57 total women have come out as victims of the abuse. Cosby’s career has plummeted since his gross mistreatment of women has been unveiled. 

Education. However, this is not entirely a criticism. Both men have a soft spot for education and its importance in American politics. Carson and his wife Candy have dedicated themselves to education, establishing the Carson Scholars Fund in 1995, dispersing over $6.2 million to students across America – and have established 100 Carson Reading Rooms to encourage reading. Cosby successfully ran the Hello Friend/Ennis William Cosby Foundation, encouraging learning in children with disabilities, as well as famously donating to many black colleges – most notably $20 million to Spelman College in 1988. Both men have made enormous strides to emphasize the importance of literacy and proper education. 

Their views on the Black community. Cosby’s famous speech at the 50th-anniversary commemoration of the Brown vs Topeka Board of Education highlighted the issues of Black America and the role of faulty parenting. He highly criticized the choice of language, violence, and lack of literacy rampant in the black community. Cosby urged the community to reflect on themselves and uplift, claiming many young people are disgracing the activists of the Civil Rights movement. Carson holds a similar view, however not as vocal. Carson’s narrative in campaigning plays the role of angry young black man saved by the way of Jesus, and that a library card was what saved him from the streets.

While we must commemorate both men on their contributions to America, I can’t say either is fit for political office.


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