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Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Spirit Animal


Let’s talk BURN-IE


In short, he is a lovable old grandpa looking man aspiring to break Washington’s foggy piggy bank.

He is a current Democratic Senator from Vermont (yum MAPLE CANDY) and his main stance is POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS.


He wants to end fat cat politics and stop large amounts of untraceable contributions to presidential candidates, by becoming a quirky president himself.

The thing with Bernie is he basically has the charm of Garfield the cat, which makes me love him more.

But, he is consistent, authentic, and honest. If you look at his political track record, he has been a liberal democrat since the title was created (get it?)…


1. Keeping it Real with the 1%

In a recent interview with George Stephanopolous he said: “I’m the only candidate who is prepared to take on the billionaire class which controls our economy and increasingly controls the political life of this country.”

2. Scandinavia

He loves European politics just as much as a college girl loves talking about studying abroad in Paris…
He stated if there was any country to exemplify his ideology, it would Scandinavia because of their thriving middle class and low levels of income inequality.

3. Education

Bernie wants education to be accessible citing Germany as the model for successful education. He’s down with low interest rates and no tuition. Bernie went further to discuss the Baltimore issue as an issue that stemmed from the lack of education in the area.

I donated 11 dollars to this man today, will you? Click here to donate.

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