Jeb Bush’s Campaign Strategy Leaked

Someone leaked Jeb’s campaign strategy. The PowerPoint reveals a campaign strategy aimed at attacking Marco Rubio, fluffing Jeb’s ego with falsely calculated statistics, and spending ridiculous amounts of money.

Jeb needs to fire his campaign crew immediately. Not only did the strategy leak, but the campaign’s inconceivable flaws also leaked.

The First Slide
The First Slide

The statistics used to justify Bush’s strategy are not statistics. The survey methods are not cohesive with correct statistical analysis. Surveys are created to unveil voter’s opinions, but if you create surveys full of bias, you are not partaking in honest statistics. For further clarification on the process of proper surveying and statistical data, read up on it here – courtesy of the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

The question stems lead to bias. To delve into one particularly troubling slide, let’s look at:

Point of View Closest to Your Own About Jeb Bush

The answer choices:

1. Unsure / Refused

2. Will strengthen our military because he’s been endorsed by 13 Medal of Honor recipients

3. Unfortunately relies upon the same core military and foreign policy advisors that his father and brother used

The answer choices are LOADED with information that can skew a surveyor’s opinion. To present the option “will strengthen our military because he’s been endorsed by 13 Medal of Honor recipients” cannot be part of an unbiased, correctly conducted survey. Look how much information is given about Jeb in this option, revealing that he is endorsed by 13 Medal of Honor recipients – this can immediately change the surveyor’s opinion and create a favorable response that is a knee jerk reaction to the information of his endoresments given rather than reveal a long-standing and truthful opinion. The option “unfortunately relies upon the same core military strategy…that his father and brother used” is also completely biased – this can skew a surveyor to the other direction, reminding them of 9/11 and again immediately creating a knee-jerk reaction to the information given.  The information used in the power point to endorse and strategize for Jeb is thus unreliable. 

The rest of the slides are also guilty of creating the bias error – another question has two answer choices: “impressive” and “very impressive.” What ever happened to disagreement?

Further, there is A LOT of money being spent on Bush. From the presentation, (assuming the numbers are valid), Bush is planning to spend 100% of what Marco Rubio will spend on “Advance Placed Media” and 615% of what Ben Carson will spend on this form of media, as Bush plans to spend over $33 mil on this aspect of his campaign. According to his slide “Cash Matters”, Bush has raised $24.8 million, double of Rubio’s meek $14.6 million.

On a creepy note, one slide mentioned a scary Internet tracking strategy:

“We’ve built a dynamic and personalized website, that allows us to customize the not only what we ask for but the amount you see on the forms on our site, customized to you as a donor and your ability to give.”

The violation of privacy is troubling, as I doubt most supporters would want to reveal how much they would like to donate, and what options are presented. 

Beyond the skewed statistics, cyber monitoring, and truckloads of cash being spent – another worrisome factor of the strategy is the role of Marco Rubio. The Bush team relies on Jeb’s Hispanic wife to differentiate him from the traditional Republican party and gain the Conservative Hispanic vote that GOP popular candidate Trump struggles to appeal to. Rubio poses a threat as he IS Hispanic, and can quickly rob Bush of his assumed niche. The strategy team present numbers that bash Rubio for his lack of experience and classify his current success as fleeting, because “Voters have A.D.D.” They further relay him as the GOP’s Obama equivalent, young and charming, more like a Bachelor runner-up than a presidential candidate.

And lastly, all the information attests to Trump’s undeserving popularity. Which is more cringe-worthy than any aforementioned flaw of the strategy.

To determine for yourself, here is a link to the complete PowerPoint outlining the strategy.

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