Who is John Kasich, Anyways?

He dropped out, but here is a quick profile on what could have been.

The 2016 Presidential Race has shown its fair share of characters. Lurking behind the outrageous statements of the GOP stood a lone Republican adhering to old school standards.

Image courtesy of DailyMail
Image courtesy of DailyMail

Out of all the presidential candidates Trump put to rest, he is the most likely to put me to sleep. Not regular sleep, like “head slams against the table from free falling” sleep. It looks like just 2% of millennial women would even have dinner with Kasich. That means people would rather go on a random Tinder date with a possible murderer than have dinner with a prospective President.

Are we so conditioned to respond to crazy that we can’t just listen to a regular guy?

Overwhelmingly, the answer is yes. We all gravitate towards interesting, out of bounds, mouth dropping sound bites. And Kasich is just way too middle of the line to compete with this radical election.

Really, he’s not that interesting. Here is just enough information to survive an intellectual conversation on the presidential debate before gawking over the latest absurd statement Trump has released:

Fiscal Conservative. This is perhaps Kasich’s strongest presented quality and marketed qualification for President, and perhaps what makes him so uninteresting. Kasich has spent his time campaigning for a balanced budget, slim government spending, and state controlled funds. In his reign as Governor, he boasts cutting taxes and reversing a prospected $8 billion budget shortcoming.

Truly, he goes so far as to proposing an amendment to the Constitution to require a balanced budget. His overemphasis on budget could cause major harm to federal institutions and harsh government cut backs.

During his tenure as Governor, Ohio did have a major comeback. After being hit by the recession and losing 350,000 jobs – looks like they gained about 400,000 jobs and unemployment is waning off. He did also reduce taxes majorly, but could have this all been due to his fiscal stance and staunch state level approach?

After sifting through a lot of research (so you don’t have to) – it looks like Obamacare bailed out Ohio. So there’s that.

Reproductive Rights. Maybe he hates women? If I had to guess based off his track record as Senator, I’d say yes. Kasich has proven time and time again that he is firmly against women’s rights.

During his time as Ohio Governor, he slashed 16 total clinics down to 8. He worked tirelessly to make abortions increasingly difficult to get, Bible slamming and all.

Not only did he shut down half the clinics in his state, but he implemented a law that made it ILLEGAL for rape center counselors to let rape victims know that abortion is a viable choice. To me, that is the line. That is undeniably wrong.

An emphasis of “common sense” – just his favorite saying sprinkled all over his site. He called himself the “grown up” of the GOP.

He did give me hope because he didn’t deny climate change, was open to immigration reform, and didn’t bash Common Core. But his outright agenda against women is too much for me to actually regret his failure.

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