Martin O’Mackin It

Martin O’Who? Seriously who is Martin O’Malley?

photo of Martin from Politico


He was mayor of Baltimore pre-Freddie Gray era from 1999-2007, where he then moved on to his current position as Governor of Maryland. And now, he is looking to become the next President.

O’Malley stands as a progressive alternate to Clinton, but honestly he is just very “political.”

He’s kosher – he says enough to rile people up, but not enough to cause any real stir. To research him and his standpoints was a bore to the say the least.

Turns out, he is the medium between Hillary and Bernie – but this guy really can’t get any traction going.


1. He uses numbers for everything. It’s his thing. For example, he created CitiStat. CitiStat is a real-time government tracking entity that monitored all things Baltimore – from postal officers to rampant drug lords.

He attributes the success of crime reduction to Citi Stat. He’s a results, numbers seen kind of guy.

Of course there is the comparison to The Wire, where basically a corrupt character was created off Martin and his tactics in Baltimore.

2. He stands up for the middle class. He’s no Bernie, but he talks the talk – he publicly bashed big corporate America in his announcement speech.

This is my favorite thing about this guy. His strongest talking point in his announcement speech was his stance for more equity equality – calling out corporations for funneling and handpicking the presidential candidates.

Wall Street came out calling him “public enemy number one.”

Other than that, this guy doesn’t really draw outside the lines.

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