Why A Facebook Post isn’t Enough in Politics

I think the idea of a political revolution is wonderful, and absolutely in line with my beliefs. And when I found a candidate who sang the song of my heart, I was undoubtedly¬†excited. And I know he struck a cord with many other people my age. I’m talking about millenial’s very own sweetheart: Bernie Sanders.

But the problem lies here: YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT VOTE. Whether we are too busy reading about Kanye West’s twitter feuds or catching up on a new season of New Girl on Netflix, we do not take the time to vote.

McGill students film their vote mob video for the 2011 federal election on campus. Apr 14 2011
McGill students film their vote mob video for the 2011 federal election on campus. Apr 14 2011

Tuft University’s Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement recently reported that 2014 marks the lowest level of youth voting yet. Around 20% of 18 to 29-year-olds voted last fall, as opposed to an average of 26% of the same age bracket voting in other midterm elections over the past 40 years.

Basically, 1 out of 5 of us vote. As happy as we are to read about him on Elite Daily or watch all the campaign oriented Snapchats Рbe certain this is not enough. I urge you all to TAKE ACTION AND VOTE. Not only for Bernie, but for whoever sparks your inner activist. Get out and learn your city council members, congress members, governors, Рbasically who ever has political power to speak for you in government.

As a generation, we are drooling over Kim Kardashian – but I would bet my savings account over half of us have no idea who our Congressmen are. This is why I can’t be happy about Bernie. Not yet, not until I see the numbers.

Like our high school English teachers told us – your heart is there, but you need to work to become exceptional. And with action, we can become the generation that creates a political revolution. We can save the planet, innovate, and end poverty. But we have to put down Instagram in order to align our beliefs and actions. We can.

Register to vote here.

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